Upgraded Wireless Earbuds LED Display 100% Waterproof

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Experience a limitless lifestyle with our signature truly wireless earbuds. Smaller than ever with Premium Sound quality and ultra-long playtime

Experience freedom with zero wires distracting you!

NEW generation of Earbuds

✔️ ZERO pressure Touch Control
✔️All-day battery life
✔️Built-in Portable Phone Charger
✔️Comfortable and Secure Fit
✔️Never-Drop Design
✔️ Voice Assistant Compatible
✔️Ergonomic Desing
✔️Quick Pairing
✔️100% Waterproof, Sweat Proof, Dust Proof
✔️LED Display  

Never-Drop Design

Designed to offer the most comfortable and secure fit. Our ergonomic earbuds come with 4 ear tip sizes to ensure that fits perfectly and stays with you.

Quick and Easy to use 

Smart Charging Case

Our newly added LED Power Display will give you REAL information about the battery life of the case and each earbud

Premium Sound Quality

Introducing 8D Stereo Sound. Experience the most advanced sound technology

Hands-Free Calls

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless communication. Offers the most advanced standard of privacy, security and ultra-low power consumption

Retronics Guarantee

Our mission is to offer high-quality electronics at affordable prices. We truly believe in the quality of our products. For that reason, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our Retronics Earbuds. 

We process all orders and begin fulfillment within 24 to 72 hours guaranteed. We also send you a tracking number with a direct link to track your order as soon as it ships.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Citlalli Wiza

This headphones were very easy to pair to my android phone, they are very light weight and stay in place all day, even when jumping at the gym, the can also handle the fact that I leave my gym bag far away from me and still works many feet away from my phone that I leave in my bag.
I normally charge it once every week, the battery lasts a lot, I wear them at the gym for about 2 hours each day, Monday thru Friday, the sound is very nice and clear and the controls are easy to follow.

The screen will let you know where your battery is at so you are always ready specially for long plane rides!


Ciara Monahan

I've been in the market for some true wireless headphones for awhile now. I just can't justify spending $100s of dollars on something that I hear most people lose at some point. After a lot of researching, I grabbed these Retronics Earbuds. I'm definitely impressed so far. The battery life is phenomenal (as many of the reviews suggest), especially if you only use one at a time like I do. The one area that truly blew me away though was the noise cancellation. Even with just one earbud in, I feel like 90% of background noise disappears. This means I don't need to crank up the volume to hear podcasts or music while training. I am VERY glad the sale on Retronics. I feel like these are a great buy for the price!

Kariane Reynolds

Very good headphones. Sound pretty good. If you're not music fan-the difference between them and expensive not notice. Need Bluetooth 5.0, to immediately both earphone connect to your device. The Bluetooth 4.2 and below plugs only one earphone. These are 5.0 Bluetooth, AWESOME!!

Aletha Mann

I’m really impressed! They’re sleek, connect quickly, comfortable, and have a nice case to charge in. I also tested the wireless distance and would say it can actually go a little farther than 33 feet (but not much probably about 50). If you go out of range when you get back in range the music just resumes playing.
They come with different sets of ear tips that vary in firmness which was nice - I preferred one of the firmer ear tips to the one it initially had on in the box.
I listened to music for about 2 hours and didn’t have any connection issues. The only inconvenience I have had was minor. I took one earbud out of the case while the other was charging and it didn’t immediately connect so I put the earbud back told Bluetooth to “forget the device” and then took it back out and it connected (this was after listening to them and after I had taken them in and out to show them to my parents and husband)
I have a pair of Bose headphones but wanted this wireless pair to wear when I’m active but the sound quality of these was so good it made me question if they were comparable to Bose (which would be CRAZY because Bose are 4x as much)

Rusty Hettinger

Excellent style and sound. I have the original AirPods and this is even louder.