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Hide cords and free up precious space

Our 4-in-1 Charging Station safely charges your devices at once. Smartphones, Apple Watches, and AirPods all at your convenience. 

No cables, no fuss. Welcome to the future

Say goodbye to all those cables on your desk!

With our sleek, single cable design, you can easily charge all of your devices without all of the mess.

Fast and Safe Charging

Case Friendly 

How to use

Install the USB cable to the wireless charging station and add your favorite devices for fast, convenient charging! To charge smartwatches, simply connect the original cable into the stand.

Universal Compatibility

What's Included?

✔️1 x Wireless 4-in-1 Charger

✔️1 x USB Cable

✔️1 x User Manual

Retronics Guarantee

Our mission is to offer high-quality electronics at affordable prices. We truly believe in the quality of our products. For that reason, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our RetroCharge Station

We process all orders and begin fulfillment within 24 to 72 hours guaranteed. We also send you a tracking number with a direct link to track your order as soon as it ships.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Vanessa Weber

The wireless charger (really the only piece that has some capability beyond just being a stand) works well. It charged my iPhone XR through a case AND a pop socket, which is impressive (and the main reason behind the 5 star review) as many other wireless chargers that I've tried fail to do that. It also successfully fast charges my Galaxy S10 through a pretty thick case too. It holds an Apple Watch charging cable successfully too. The device was packaged really well as everything was really secure and the stand for the Apple Watch was not attached so there isn't really a chance for this breaking in shipment.

Tianna Senger

It is a five stars product! The quality and the design are very impressive. The material is plastic but feels and looks very sturdy.
The wireless mat is pretty cool it has a different material that helps keeping the iPhone in place and it also helps that you don’t need to center it exactly to make it work.
The AirPods base is also very well done it looks great and works exactly as advertised.
The Apple Watch base gets it very firm and doesn’t feel
Like it will fall or something like that.
The costumer services is also amazing they are very kind and have great response to all of my inquiries.

Kelsie Osinski

Such a great design for a wireless charger and Apple Watch and Airpods charger. I love the all black design and the fabric covered wireless dock. The fabric is heavy-duty and has a nice feel, which won't let your phone slip around at night or be subjected to accidental falls or anything.Super easy to setup the unit and route your lightning cables in the base. I don't currently have an Apple watch, so I used the watch stand to hold up my automatic watches, digital sports watches, etc (depending on what I am wearing that day/night).

Tyshawn Osinski

I use it at my office desk and it doesn't just look great with my desk setup, but it also functions perfectly. If paired with a charger that provides enough juice to fast charge, you get the full wireless charging speed for the iPhone.

Melissa Shanahan

So let me say it works great. I've tried other stands with wireless chargers and have had nothing but issues. But this one is a winner.